Our menu, filled with healthy, gourmet, and fresh foods. All for your choosing!

Dish Name Image Description
THE coffee Hand picked, roasted, and brewed. These beans come from our personal greenhouse. Different roast amounts as requested.
THE sandwhich A sandwhich with your name on it. Pick your bread, add your toppings, and we'll add the 7 herbs and spices.
Davie's Burgers No other man knows the recipe Davie has. All we know is, it's worth a try (if you have food allergies, we will magically know to save your life)
Miss Sally's Southern Good 'ol iced tea. Lemons and sugar can be requested.
THE salad Your own mix of vegetables, coming from the supply of the green house. All is guaranteed organic.
Strike Fitness One mean smoothie. This bottle of energy is sure to let you catch that second wind.